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What is the Cause

Why Brand Valuation?

Most of the trademark owners in the Arab region are not aware of the real value for their trademark(s); they do not know the potential revenue that this intangible asset could bring to their business. Due to their lack of awareness, they overlook this value when they establish their firms, leading to “miss-protecting” their trademark in this respect.

This ignorance makes them vulnerable to trademark infringements, acquiescence of their brand, and could lead to lost profits as a result.

On the other hand, the local consumers may not be aware of the Arabic brands, their producers, or their quality.

This practice has made our regional market a playground for black-market and infringers, who in their turn, help to increase corruption, counterfeiting of famous products, and killing the commercial economical cycle in the market.

The Benefits

We aim to serve the community and create a better environment for better competition.

For Owners:
This can help you expand your business and trademark; our project will tell you how known your brand is! Increase the protection level of your brand by making it a well-known trademark.

Upon participating, trademarks will receive free, high-end promotion; making the un-known trademarks popular and visible. And any trademarks that meet the criteria of the top 50 marks, will then be listed on the list of the Top Brands in the MENA region and published globally.

Claim your lost profit, this process will create a link between trademarks and the original owners of these trademarks, thus creating customers awareness and loyalty. Customers will ask for your product or service instead of being deceived by fakers.

For Customers:
Customers will be more familiar with brands and will reach a degree where they can distinguish between a counterfeit product and the genuine product. They will be more knowledgeable about the origins of a certain brand, thus, reducing the chances of being a victim of fake products.

Having said that, a loyalty-bridge will be established between customers and those brands as a result of taking the ultimate advantage that a product can deliver.

For the Community:

  • Enhancing the spread of the local trademarks.
  • Creating knowledge for alternative local trademarks.
  • Enhance competition.
  • Increase creativity.
  • Create diversity.
  • Generate better quality goods and services.
  • Roll up the economic cycle.
  • Knowing the popularity of a trademark aids in establishing plans and strategies to develop the product and increase the sales.