Terms & Conditions

Please take into consideration the following notes when you submit your portfolio to Famous Arab Brands:

  • The results of this event is based on a scoring system, and it is to measure the level of popularity –only– of all participating trademarks in the Middle East and North Africa, and may or may not reflect the real level of popularity depending on the accuracy of the data entered by the users.
  • We are neutral; our process is non-biased and is not directed to support certain parties or third parties.
  • We bare no responsibility to the results as they are analysed and calculated automatically by a sophisticated system based on users’ entries.
  • All participants accept to provide valid and accurate data during the submission of their portfolios, the data users enter will be used by our system to prepare the score and define the “level of popularity”.
  • Famous Arab Brands will not –at any time– alter or modify the data that users provide, and will be their responsibility to provide valid data before the final submission.
  • A custom tailored system, built specifically for this purpose, will process the data and produce the results. There will be no human interference during the process of categorising and ranking. The results are automatically produced by the system according to the data that users supply.
  • The only human role will be to monitor users’ activities, and to import and export the data.
  • Famous Arab Brands will not ask our users to provide confidential financial data regarding their companies or firms. The data users will be asked to provide are these data made available to the public and submitted in their financial reports to the governmental departments.
  • We are not responsible for any commercial profits or losses that might occur to any participant caused directly or indirectly from the participation in this project.
  • We hold no responsibility for any misleading information, which is submitted by any participant.
  • Famous Arab Brands takes no responsibility for any misunderstanding of the website’s information. If you have any questions please contact us before you participate.
  • Any fraud profile or information submitted to our systems does not fall inside the circle of our liability.
  • We are not responsible for any misuse caused by third party(ies) or due to the disclosure of any information during the participation process.