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Legal Notices

This page is intended to give our site visitors knowledge on how this website operates and how we might use their personal data. It identifies who owns this website, accepted liabilities, and un-accepted liabilities.

It will identify the limitations of our liability for the use of our website and the information it contains.

Please read the notices in this section for more information on how we will process your data with respect to the event and the usage on this website.

  • We are neutral.
  • We bare no responsibility to the results.
  • You accept that you will give accurate and valid data.
  • We will not alter the information you enter in the form.
  • It is your responsibility to provide correct information during the registration.
  • The results are calculated by sophisticated computer software designed specifically for our purposes.
  • No human interference during the process of categorising and ranking. The results are automatically produced by the system according to the data that you supply.
  • The only human role will be to monitor and populate the data.
  • We will not ask for personal or private information.
  • The data you will provide are those available to the public.