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This page attempts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the Famous Arab Brands event.


What is Famous Arab Brands event?

It is a project adopted by NJQ & Associates to evaluate trademarks and brands in the Arab region and to create a list of the most valuable, the most popular, and the most reliable brands in Middle East and North Africa.


What is Brand Ranking?

To arrange the trademarks and organise them according to their popularity and famous reputation in the region. In essence, to rank a brand relative to its competitors in the same market or industry.


What is a Well-Known trademark?

Well-known trade and service marks enjoy in most countries protection against signs, which are considered a reproduction, imitation or translation of that mark provided that they are likely to cause confusion in the relevant sector of the public. Well-known marks are usually protected, irrespective of whether they are registered or not, in respect of goods and services which are identical with, or similar to, those for which they have gained their reputation. In many countries, they are also, under certain conditions protected for dissimilar goods and services. You can read more about well-known marks at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website.


What qualifications should I have in order to be eligible to participate?

All you need to have is an Arab brand or trademark, and then you can immediately participate in this event.


How to submit my application?

Go to the participation form page and create a user account. After that you can log in to your account, fill in the form, and complete your submission.

Alternatively, you can download your participation form from our website by clicking here, fill it in, and send it by email to event@famousarabbrands.com or to our office address:

Postal Address:
NJQ & Associates
P. O. Box 142025
Amman 11814, Jordan
Address for Courier:
NJQ & Associates
No. 258 King Abdullah II Street
8th Circle
7th Circle, Amman, Jordan
Tel:+962 (0) 6 5865 731

The application form has been made easy-to-understand, all you have to do is just to read the on-screen tips or the information on the PDF form.


What happens after I submit my application?

We will receive your information; we will make sure it is valid and accurate before we start analysing through our custom-made scoring software. Once your application is approved we will start the processing stage; then you will be informed and we will publish a list containing the final results. We will include a biography about your company visible to everyone.

Famous Arab Brands will publish a handbook manual featuring all participants.


What if I submit wrong information accidentally?

Within the form, there is a "save" button, you can click on this button, you can use it to save your application form at any stage during the process before the final submission; this will allow you to come back to your account, review it, or modify it, before continuing the registration procedure at later time in case you needed to stop in the middle of the application.

However, after the final submission, in case you want to modify or correct your information, you can contact us via email at event@famousarabbrands.com or by telephone.


What if I face a problem during the form registration?

If you have any problem while filling up the form, you can save your progress by clicking on the "save application" button, and then contact us directly from the "contact us" page or by sending an email to event@famousarabbrands.com.


Will you contact me?

Our team may contact you personally by phone or email only if we need extra information or if there will be any kind of problem. However, you will receive several automatic emails from Famous Arab Brands when you create an account and during and after your submission for confirmation purposes.


Who will decide the results?

It is an automated analysis system hand-crafted to adapt the nature of the market for different countries in order to achieve a non-biased outcome and each brand will be listed according to its score, the higher the score the more likely to be at the top.

This system is designed specifically to meet the requirements of this project and to match the needs of our region in order to come up with an as accurate result as possible.


How you will notify me about the results?

We will send you an email regarding the results and you may also receive some items by mail.


Who will see my details?

Your sensitive and private data are stored in a secured database, where unauthorised access is not permitted, only verified experts assigned by us will have limited access to your data and that is for the purpose of this project.

However, your name, product brand name and logo will be published on our website to allow people to know who is participating in this regional event.


Are my personal details secured?

We follow a high technical standard to secure your data and personal information. We are keen to save it from stealth or leak therefore we follow the principle of the Data Protection Act 1998 and its amendments suggested by the United Kingdom Parliament and the European Directive of 1995.