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After Participation

Once you have submitted your trademark profile along with the other details (trademark resume), our system will receive your application and docket the new records. We will send you a confirmation email once your information has been verified and entered successfully in our database.

You will receive a welcome message that includes account details so you can access your account anytime from anywhere via our website.

Our dedicated team will make sure that your submission will go through seamlessly by double checking the automatic system entry and perhaps will give you a call to make sure that the data on our end matches the actual data that you entered.

After that, your company profile and trademark logo will be listed on our website in the Participants section. We will include a bibliography about the participating company along with your logotype illustration, and with some other information about your trademark.

All participants will be listed in that page, where they can be sorted according to their industry or location (country of origin). This will enable any visitor of the site to view and navigate through our participants, thereby creating general knowledge and awareness while we are slicing and dicing and preparing to announce the final results.

Moreover, you will receive frequent digests and updates about us, and the progress of the event. And also you can keep yourself apprised with any update that might occur through our Blog section or by subscribing to our news feed (RSS).