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Famous Arab Brands

It is our initiative to study the best Arab brands in the Middle East and North Africa.

The founder and chairman of NJQ & Associates initiated this project early in 2011. The mission was to understand the level at which brands are known to people in this region and to know where we stand with these words.

It was required to harness individuals who have long been experienced in economics, logistics, and marketing, along with a practical understanding of brand management in order to have the capability to tackle the issues they will encounter in the valuation process. From there, a dedicated team was formed and picked carefully.

It was obvious that we needed a voluntary effort to shed some light on this field and to give brand owners more opportunities to enhance their market infrastructure in an area where brands and trademarks are becoming a more growing issue with growing challenges.

So we started this initiative to create global awareness of the most valuable brands in our region, and to show the world what our community has to offer.