How to Use this Website?

This website was created with a priority on usability. We try our best to deliver a user-friendly interface on our website, which we expect will make our users satisfied with their website experience.

The website’s main menu includes links to relevant pages and sections that you may need, these links are available at all times on every page no matter which page you are viewing; som you can still “jump” to a different section using the above menu items. You can go to the Home page, navigate through our Information Centre, or go to our Contact Us page with one click.

Our website’s layout consists of the following:

The top toolbar:
It includes Date Stamp, quick links to different pages of the site, our social networking websites, and a search engine.

Of course it has the Famous Arab Brands logo, it has the language switcher box, and the main menu.

Content Body:
This is the content of the page(s). The body page can be viewed in full width or by side bar. The body can include any content (e.g. text, images, video, flash, HTML widgets, etc.), the side bar is located on the right-hand side of the body, which contains links to relevant pages within the current section, content from external resources, images, and other tools.

Website Footer:
It is located at the very bottom of the website page. It includes quick links to various pages, the company and website name, and the copyright notice.