How to Complete your Application?

This tutorial will guide you through the participation form and will explain how to submit your profile.

Step 1
In this step you need to create an account to be able to submit your brand details to enter Famous Arab Brands event. This account will consist of the company’s details and the contact-person details.

There are some required fields that you need to fill in order to continue with the submission.

You have to enter your company name, business field/industry of the company, and date of establishing the business.

After that, you are required to give your company’s address details, i.e. street address, city, postal code, country, etc., as well as the contact details like telephone number(s), email(s), website, and so on.

When you are done with the company details, you need to provide your personal details; that is your first and last name because you will be the point of contact for us on behalf of the company.

Finally, it is important that you provide your email address; this email will be used for further communications between yourself and Famous Arab Brands.

Once you choose a password, you have to click on the “Next” button in order to proceed.

Our system will automatically send you an email to the email address that you entered, and you will need to log in to your email, open the message that we sent, and click on the activation link inside the email to verify that you are actually the account holder and activate your account. Once you do that, you will receive a welcome email and you will be able to log into Famous Arab Brands using your email and your selected password, so you can continue with your application.

Step 2
This part is where you need to give basic information about your trademark. You have to indicate the trademark name, please note that there are two fields for the trademark name, the English spelling of the trademark, and the Arabic spelling.

You need to fill at least one field in order to be able to submit your application. Then you have to indicate your trademark type (i.e. whether it is a Word Mark only or Word and Device, etc.). It is highly recommended that you upload an electronic version of your mark, because this will be used to refer to your portfolio and will enable us to include it in the booklet manual.

To upload your trademark image, click on “Choose a file” button, locate the file that contains your trademark logo, and then click “Select”. When you click “Next” button your trademark will be uploaded. The recommended file types to upload are JPG, JPEG, BMP, or TIF, and maximum file size is 30 Megabytes.

Step 3
In this section, we will ask you to give us information about the company’s financial details, such as the total sales in the past three years in your home country and abroad, the net profit, and the physical existence in any country that you have commercial practice in.

We will not ask you to disclose any confidential information. What we ask for is the information that you made available in your annual balance sheets that you submit to governmental departments in your country.

Step 4
This is the final step in the participation form; we will collect information about general history and marketing issues with your brand. We will ask you to provide us with details about your marketing channels and expenses for the past three years, as well as litigation cases in respect to said brand.

Now, after you are done with all answers, you can proceed to the next step where you will have a chance to have a final review of your entered data before the final submission. When you click on “Next” you will be taken to a page where you can see all of your answers. If there is anything missing or wrong, we will display those errors and highlight them for you, so you can tell where the error occurred and how to fix it. On the top of the review page, there will be links to error locations in the form (if any), you can click on a link and the site will take you to the part of the form where the error occurred.

After you review your information and correct all pending issues, you can click on SUBMIT in order to submit your participation in Famous Arab Brands. This will be your final submission, and after this, you cannot make any more changes.