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Famous Arab Brands

It is the first initiative of its kind in the region, a history-making event!

We are an intellectual property law firm; dealing with the trademarks and brands is our priority. We understand that your trademarks are the result of your efforts and the outcome of your hard work and energy, throughout the years.

So if you have a trademark(s) or you are a brand “breeder” and would like to sum-up the result of your efforts, simply join us in this main-event.

The assessment will be based on the facts and figures supplied by the company and some commercial data regarding the company, you can go to our Disclaimer page to learn more.

We look at this project as being the biggest event in the region, it will include loads of benefits to everyone… yes, everyone will have their fair share advantages from this, and some of them include:

  • If you are a trademark owner, your trademark will receive free promotion, client’s awareness, trust base, fame, and most importantly your trademark may become a “Well-Known” mark which eventually will make it eligible for protection under the “Well-Known Trademark” protection scheme as mentioned in Paris Convention.
  • If you are an end-user or consumer, you will be more familiar with the famous brands, thus creating a link between you and your favorite product, and this will eliminate the vulnerability of being a victim of infringed or faked products.
  • For the Community, this project will enhance competition, increase creativity, create diversity, generate better quality services, and roll up the economic cycle.

It is easy to participate, go to our Registration page then follow the instructions and submit your application, or you can download the application form, fill it up, and send it to us.