Best Practices to Protect Your Trademark

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Best Practices to Protect your Trademark

Do you know what the best practices are to protect your trademark from infringement and counterfeiting?

For better protection of your trademark, consider the below advices:

  1. Register your trademark under your name in the respective governmental departments.
  2. Register your trademark in all countries that you produce, sell, or distribute in.
  3. Trademark registration is not costly compared to the costs that you will pay for litigation case if someone infringed or counterfeited your trademark.
  4. Trademark registration is not costly; one litigation case against infringement of your trademark will cost you a fortune.
  5. Carefully pick your partners (especially abroad), most of the infringing cases are committed by distributors and traders with bad faith.
  6. Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with all parties that you work with (e.g. distributors, trader, partners) to prevent them from using your trademark without your consent.
  7. Get yourself familiar with the Intellectual Property (IP) laws implied in each country that you work in.

Seek help from IP professionals, they can provide you quality legal counseling and help you obtain the ultimate protection for your trademarks.

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